Brainwashed By Society

We are so brainwashed by society in all aspects of life from a young age, we barely get to make our own choices and interpretations of the real world. 

A simple example is colors. Since we were little kids, girls have been directly accustomed to the color pink, and boys with blue. Why? Because society said so. We might not even like the color but its ‘just the way things are’ because ‘our kindergarten teachers taught us that pink is girlish and blue is boyish.’

Same with body sizes – thin is good and slightly larger is bad. With social media, we aim to achieve the perfect skinny body shape in order to please the society. We are being expected to diet, we are expected to eat healthy 24/7, we are expected to exercise everyday – why? Because society wants us to. We hurt our bodies and severely ruin our health just to achieve these unattainable expectations. 

But why do we want to become perfect? Because society makes us think that the only way to be happy and to have friends is to be “perfect”! That however is complete rubbish.  How can you ever be happy when you torture yourself just to be skinny? Or make friends when you are completely absorbed in achieving those expectations? It is absolutely impossible. 

To all of you: please be yourself and never, EVER change because of society. I’m sorry you have to live amongst these absurd expectations. I promise you that you’re perfect just the way you are. That’s something I’m trying to learn myself as well, but that’s okay, it’s a work in progress.


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